Pathway creation for some of the world's poorest children into internationally recognised football and education opportunities

Chigoli stands on three pillars - Advanced Football Coaching, Education and Character Development.

Chigoli means 'goal' in the main traditional language in Malawi, Chichewa. Malawi is the poorest country in the world per capita where the majority of the population are trapped in cycles of poverty and where less than 12% of children finish secondary school and over 10% of the population live with HIV. There is a chronic lack of decent youth football development structures across the country and no recognisable youth leagues below u15 or at u17.

Chigoli identifies talented young boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14 and works with them in a holistic, player centred environment through which role models for future generations shall be created. 95% of Chigoli Academy players come from backgrounds of poverty with many of their families living well below the poverty line. 

Chigoli focuses on creating real development, genuine impact for those whose talent deserves opportunity. In practice this requires  significant investment into players lives, in order for them to have the ability to fulfill their potential. 


 Chigoli operates a vibrant community programme supporting disadvantaged groups in Malawi through football tournaments including street children, the blind, refugees and both girls and boys. Plans are currently being implemented to create a network satellite feeder teams across the Central Region of Malawi to bring more children under the Chigoli umbrella at grass roots level and also increase Chigoli's scouting reach. 

The Chigoli Community Programme engages with over 2,500 children in Malawi each year and for those who display academic or footballing potential offers life changing pathways to previously unattainable opportunities.

Chigoli - Change the Game.

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Malawi In Focus

Malawi is a beautiful country in South East Africa of circa 16m of the friendliest people on the continent.

In 2015 the World Bank declared Malawi the poorest country in the world per capita. The effects of this are everywhere. In 2016 an estimated 2.8m people are suffering from hunger, there is a chronic lack of drugs in hospitals and the average Malawian is living below the poverty line with 1 in 2 Malawian children suffering from stunting due to poor nutrition. Over 10% of the population live with HIV.

Schools are under huge pressure also. A lack of classrooms and resources leads to class sizes often over 100 where education is often reduced to learning by repetition. Most children don’t stand a chance.

Chigoli was established in 2014 to work through soccer to reach and support disadvantaged groups and to offer pathways out of  poverty for talented and gifted children.

Malawi lacks positive role models to inspire future generations.
Chigoli is working hard to change that.


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