Chigoli Academy has identified some of the very best young players from all over Malawi and works with them in the most professional, well resourced and modern footballing environment in the country. Chigoli has four main squads, U13/15/17 male teams and a U15 girls squad, featuring players from the ages of 10 to 17 years of age. Chigoli also hosts a U11 boys feeder squad featuring players as young as 8 from Lilongwe.

Chigoli's philosophy is that a players well being and development are paramount and all academy practices are built around this core value. 


Chigoli stands upon three pillars. Modern Football Coaching, Education and Character Development. These three elements are of equal importance and integrated in all Chigoli does.


Chigoli aims to develop players to world class standards. This means nurturing talent in a player centred environment, with player developmental needs being met and where possible exceeded. From coaching, to diet, sport science to psychology, all these needs are covered within Chigoli’s complete player philosophy. 

Chigoli's coaching system is built around technique development and tracking, position specific training, whole team training, conditioning sessions as well as competitive match experiences to develop play under pressure. 

‘Following visiting Chigoli and Malawi in 2016, the raw talent in the country is as good as anywhere. Many of the players are athletic and naturally gifted. Chigoli Academy has a number of players that would be on the radar of professional club Academies in Europe if they were based there.’ Corin Haines, UEFA A Licence (With Advanced Youth Award)

2- educational support

Academic development is key to a players future, both on and off the pitch.  

Chigoli Academy players (once they have proved reliable and of good character) are placed onto scholarships in private schools in Lilongwe until they finish secondary school.

Chigoli also supports players in the Academy through international school standard English lessons each week as well as private tutoring for players as required. School bags and resources are also issued to players to assist them.


3 -character development

Players who succeed become role models for future generations and ambassadors of their country. Chigoli has a responsibility to develop rounded, educated, aware, grounded, honest and principled people to help represent Malawi to communities both domestically and abroad. 
Following a curriculum developed by the continent's leading football development academy, Right to Dream (Ghana) and supplement it with thematic appropriate sessions led by internationally recognised NGOs. The programme is differentiated into age phases and aimed to help children maximize their potential in everything they do, be that school, relationships, family, business and of course, football.


‘Chigoli is run by two men who have Africa in their hearts and determined to make a substantial difference through football. They have the passion, knowledge and drive to make their vision a reality. To progress as a continent we must support concepts like Chigoli, they empower the next generation of role models through the continents one unifying language, football. Right to Dream are proud to be supporting this project.’ 

Tom Vernon,    Founder - Right to Dream