Content & Marketing Intern:

Identifying gifted children from poverty and then holistically developing them to access opportunities into soccer, academic or employment opportunities creates powerful stories to tell. It was these stories that prompted CNN to send a film crew to Malawi in late 2017 to make a documentary on our work. Through creating content for our audience to emotionally connect to, Chigoli wants to tell these stories online, harnessing the power of social media to build our network of support and to help sustain and grow the organization and its impact on young lives in Malawi.

This role is built around producing items for our content media strategy for the duration of the internship. Applicants must have experience in capturing and producing content, both images and video and have a sound understanding of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube). This is real world experience to make a big difference for the lives of our players will involve working closely with founder George Maguire to ensure produced content is in line with Chigoli brand expectations. This role offers interns the chance to get meaningful experience on their resume, help develop a portfolio of content to impress future employers with whilst telling moving and amazing stories to the world.

Required Experience / Qualification: Experience or qualification in content production, media or marketing.