Chigoli is open to ideas and happy to tailor any package to your personal or business needs. For more information please email Below please find our partnership range for 2017 as well as information regarding our key impact.

Key Impact of Chigoli:

-          Best U12, U14, U15 Teams in Malawi: Match Record – P58, W50, D5, L3, GD +248 (as of November 2016).

-          Complimentary football training, private school scholarships (till the end of secondary school), character development, nutritional and medical support for 45 of the best youth players in the country. (33 players on scholarships for academic year 2016/17, 45 for school year 2017/18)

-          Role Model creation for future generations through holistic programme.

-          Most advanced and innovative coaching programme in Malawi which will create a generation of players better than Malawi has historically produced.

-          Programme for both talented boys and girls, 95% who come from backgrounds of severe poverty.

-          Scouted circa 7,000 children to create an Academy of 45 players.

-          Community programme bringing football and thematic messaging to over 3,000 children each year in Malawi.

-          Feeder club network coaching hundreds of children each week.

Below are five great reasons to sponsor:

- Chigoli promotes youth sport and education in the poorest country in the world per capita.
- Brand Association with Chigoli's growing range of partners.
-  Highly valuable, tangible CSR.
- Staff visits and exposure to Chigoli's work and cause.
- Bespoke CSR positions for your organisation to ensure both parties get maximum value out of the relationship

In addition to this Chigoli holds positive relationships with the print, radio and TV media and are covered regularly in country. 

For more information, to arrange a meeting or to discuss any element of our work please email

Chigoli is a not for profit company in the United Kingdom (Registered Company #9682440) and also a registered company in Malawi.