Chigoli to san francisco - 2017

FAIS Students explain their vision and the cause

As part of Chigoli's ongoing relationship with French American High School - San Francisco, a number of students have created a vision to bring a Chigoli Academy squad to San Francisco in late 2017. This ambitious, student led project is led by Adan Shaw and Evan Mendelson with the support of a number of other pupils at the school. Chigoli is working closely with them to make the trip a reality.

From a Western perspective it's hard to imagine having never left the country, or in many cases with Chigoli players, the city you were born in. This has been the reality for many Chigoli players growing up. When Chigoli took it's squad to Kasungu (100 miles outside Lilongwe, Malawi) over half the squad had never left the Capital. Only a couple of players had ever left Malawi and that was to go to Zambia (some 60KM's away).  

This once in a lifetime trip for Chigoli players offers the chance to visit a country they could never dream of visiting by themselves, to experience a different culture, different food and interact with people in a world renowned city. It also offers the chance for their talent to shine in a global setting and to showcase their abilities to an international audience. The impact this experience would have on our squad can not be underestimated.

From an organisational standpoint, Chigoli would also benefit form the profile and exposure this trip would create, both in Malawi and the US. In turn this profile would generate support that would enable future growth and greater impact for the future of Chigoli. 

To Donate:

From the United States:

$1,000 + (Tax Deductible through Woza Soccer, Chigoli's US Partner)

1. Prepare check to ‘Woza Soccer’

2. In memo line please state: ‘CHIGOLI’

3. Send check to: PO Box 31255 Seattle, WA 98103

 4. Email to notify Woza of donation, including personal/business name and address to facilitate tax deductible donation. 

Please note, donations by bank transfer are available. Please email for more information.

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