Case Study: Tabitha Chawinga

Back in 2013, Chigoli founder, George Maguire spotted a very talented young female player playing in Lilongwe. At 17, Tabitha Chawinga had scored an incredible 9 goals in 5 games for the Malawi Women’s national team.

George was so impressed with her play and potential that he followed her then team, DD Sunshine FC, for over a month creating a video profiling her attributes and abilities. He then hosted this video online and interest from this video led to her earning a move to professional side Kvarnsvedens IK in Sweden.

Having grown up in a rural northern district of Malawi, Rumphi, Tabitha's rise to professional stardom in Sweden is nothing short of remarkable. Following making a culturally challenging move to Sweden, Tabitha has gone from strength to strength in Europe. Ending up top goal scorer in tiers 2 and 3 of the female game in Sweden, her goals have catapulted her side into the top division. To date she’s scored an incredible 45 goals in 31 games (Wikipedia). It's hard to imagine a better scoring record in any European league; a goal every 62 minutes. Phenomenal.

Tabitha represents a great success story but hers is far from the norm. Female football in Malawi is chronically under resourced and coaching levels are low. But the raw talent is here, something Tabitha is consistently proving in Europe.

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