Vava arrived at Dzaleka in 2011 fleeing violence in his native Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Named after the Italian star player, Fabrizio Ravenelli, by his father who believed he would become a footballer. Tragically his father was killed in DRC forcing Vava's Mother and siblings to make the long and dangerous journey out of DRC, ending up at Dzaleka, a camp not without troubles of it's own.

In spring 2016 Chigoli hosted a tournament for the community at Dzaleka Refugee camp, outside the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe. One player that day was shining, tearing past defenders, scoring for fun and good with both feet. The player turned out to be Ravenelli Badere, or as everyone there called him; 'Vava'.                              See photo slideshow (Vava is wearing a pink glove).

Chigoli Academy took Vava on trial before signing him onto scholarship and moving him into private schooling two months later. 

Vava's story is special and evolving. He's a key member of the U14 Academy squad at Chigoli and a player who always catches the eye. Check out the 'We Call Him Vava' video to see how he's progressed at Chigoli Academy and the talent he possesses.

When CNN came to film Chigoli in October 2017, Vava's story captured their imagination and became one of the key human interest features of the documentary they made on Chigoli for their 'Inside Africa' show.

We are offering a very special sponsor a player position to share in this unique story, help drive it onwards and upwards. 

Annual Sponsorship - £2000/$3000 - Donatable here.

This backing covers his place in the Academy, his schooling, residential and nutritional costs as well as extra tutoring in key subjects to help keep him on track academically.

In addition to backing a player at the heart of the CNN documentary, the sponsor shall receive:

- A personalized video of thanks from Vava

- Certificate of Sponsorship

-  Chigoli shirt

- 6 monthly updates on his progress

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If interested or if you have any questions please email info@chigoli.org