Who we are


George Maguire

Maguire - Speaking at AFEX on 'Football in the Rural Community' in Johannesburg.

Maguire - Speaking at AFEX on 'Football in the Rural Community' in Johannesburg.

Following over 4 years of event management work in the UK, George was selected to manage the sponsorship of the inaugural Malawi National Primary School Football and Netball competition for Africa Invest, the competitions founding sponsor. George has a BA Hons in Sport Studies with Business and lived in Malawi since 2008. He is very familiar with operational and logistical difficulties and the cultural sensitivities of the country. 

He spoke at AFEX 2013 on 'Football in the rural communities' of Malawi and is also founder of football travel business African Football Tours.

In early 2013 George was appointed Managing Director of Play Football Malawi, then Malawi's largest football and education based NGO. In August 2014, George stepped away from this role to found Chigoli. George is also a qualified international teacher.

He is passionate about sport as a vehicle for change, development and good.  

alex scott

Scott - During visit to Right to Dream Academy in Ghana 

Scott - During visit to Right to Dream Academy in Ghana 

After working as a Buyer in the UK and Europe for a British Jewellery company for 3 years, Alex moved out to Malawi to found his own Agriculture and Trading business in 2012. The business has gone from strength to strength with it developing export business links and trading links with the Malawian Government. Alex studied Business and Economics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, and also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Development from the Open University. He has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Football Business from the acclaimed Johann Cruyff Institute based in Barcelona.

Alex worked as a football scout providing reports on the young players playing for the Reserve and Academy sides of the North East clubs to an independent scouting organisation, The Scouting Network. Alex has also worked coaching football to Primary School children in the Newcastle area. Alex also spent time at an orphanage near Kisumu, Kenya where he organised football coaching sessions for the children.

Alex has always been interested in football and grassroots development, and is passionate about developing a structure which will allow Malawian youths to grow as footballers and people, for the benefit of Malawi.

Key Malawian Staff:

THom Mkolongo - Head Coach

Mkolongo - One of the most respected and highly qualified coaches in Malawi

Mkolongo - One of the most respected and highly qualified coaches in Malawi

Thom brings local expertise to Chigoli's coaching proposition. Vastly experienced, Thom holds a CAF A Licence certificate and is also the current Women's national team manager. 

Previous to working with Chigoli he has been assistant manager of the Malawi National Men's Team, won the Super League of Malawi coaching Silver Strikers and also managed numerous teams in Malawi's footballing structure.

Tom supports implementing European methods in a African context through development sessions to the Chigoli squads when delivering the Chigoli coaching programme.



martin scales (Queen's Messenger, Former British Deputy High Commissioner to Malawi)

"I am delighted to support Chigoli as their ambassador.  I've seen first hand the huge impact they have made at both a community and academy level.  Chigoli led by George and Alex has a first class team which has laid the foundations to expand the project further in the long term.  The academy squad is full of talented and enthusiastic boys eager to learn and develop, they have been given the chance to shine and it really shows on and off the field.  I urge you to come and see Chigoli in action and to lend your support in any way you can."

MIKE HAswell

Having spent over 14 years playing and coaching sport at professional level. Mike successfully established himself in Marketing and Communications, where he has built up vast expertise globally and with a particular focus throughout the African region. Being a frequent visitor to Malawi over the 10 past years, Mike brings his own skills and knowledge of this beautiful country and its unique passion for sport, particularly football. His first experience playing sport in Africa was gained on a tour to Kenya in 1982, an experience that definitely influenced his future achievements and beliefs. Mike's sporting experience has also included organising sports tours, as well as being a veteran of several professional overseas tours during his playing career. He was also a member of the team that put together the Malawi National Schools competition with Africa Invest.
"To be asked to be an Ambassador for Chigoli is a pleasure, I have been fortunate enough to have played sport at a high level professionally and have enjoyed the opportunities it offered. I am looking forward to giving something back to sport and hopefully the young players at Chigoli will be able to benefit. The entire organisation and structure that George and Alex have established at Chigoli is first class, their enthusiasm and passion for both football and its development in Malawi is of huge credit. 
The opportunity these young players have been offered is huge and really is something that Malawi should be proud of and support I will certainly be doing all I can to get Chigoli recognised around the world."