BROADEN Your student's world view through life changing sports travel to Malawi


Chigoli Tours are experienced in delivering bespoke school, college and university tours for groups of up to 20 students. Chigoli treats each booking as unique and creates a tailored itinerary to meet your students’ needs and budgets.

Woza students reflect on different aspects of Malawi, Chigoli's work and the future of soccer in Malawi.

The educational opportunities presented by a beautiful and culturally fascinating country through sport, while promoting global awareness of the developing world and international mindedness, are huge.

Chigoli's management team has over a decades' collective experience working in sports development, tourism, and education in Malawi; ideally positioning Chigoli to deliver safe, inspirational and truly life-changing experiences for your students.

Please find our Academic Tour Brochure below (left, click to download a PDF copy) and a number of testimonials from students and staff who have travelled on academic tours to Malawi with Chigoli (right).

Tour Information:

Below is a range of information regarding academic tours to Malawi through Chigoli. 


Chigoli's mission is to create a bespoke experience for your group and to tailor a tour to suit your budget, desired duration, and range of activities that you wish to provide for your students. Tours include all transport within Malawi, food (3 meals a day), activities as agreed, cultural/sporting experiences and accommodation. Pricing does not include flights to Malawi, drinks, medical costs or insurance. Full terms and conditions must be agreed to in order for tours to proceed. These are available on request by email (


Malawi loves sport. From football to fishing, basketball to boxing, the sporting opportunities in the Warm Heart of Africa are abundant. Sport provides a fantastic context through which to engage with people from widely differing culture. Sport breaks down social barriers and enables children to work together while having a great time and developing a range of social skills. Whilst Chigoli specialises in soccer fixtures and experiences, we can arrange for the following sports to be part of your tour: netball, cricket, volleyball, beach- soccer and basketball. Chigoli also provides coaching opportunities for students, enabling them to share their skills through sport - a great way to engage with the people of Malawi.

the cultural experience

Chigoli Tours naturally create enhanced awareness and understanding of problems affecting the developing world.  

Time spent in Malawi often has a large impact on how guests view the world and creates memories they will never forget. As part of the cultural immersion, tours visit the Kumbali Cultural Village. This is an ecotourism village with traditional huts to sleep in. Kumbali also provides traditional music, dancing and drumming as evening entertainment.


Chigoli has links with a wide variety of organisations here in Malawi through which groups can support local communities. These include assisting nurseries, schools, permaculture centres, feeding programmes as well as other projects.


Chigoli will work with you to put together a balanced, varied and comprehensive activity programme that will keep your students engaged and learning for the duration of the tour. 

From team building to safari, pool competitions to meeting a village chief, Chigoli looks to tailor your programme to your school or college's requirements to ensure your students take the most out of the tour.

accommodation & Food

Tours stay in a variety of accommodation establishments on Chigoli Tours. All are secure, well managed, clean and comfortable. From safari tents to lake shore lodges, groups stay in some seriously beautiful locations. Apart from on safari, all have either swimming pools or the lake to cool down in come the end of the day.
Accommodation is shared depending on the numbers in the squad. All tour accommodation have mosquito nets and electricity, except on safari where there is solar power in the day time. Internet is also available in most locations on a pay as you go basis. Chigoli is flexible and can tailor accommodation options to suit group numbers, dynamics and budgets.

Security & Transport

Chigoli only uses reputable bus hire companies, as used by the main international schools in Malawi, and all buses are in very good mechanical condition. The driver will be well known to Chigoli, with a proven record of safety and an excellent knowledge of Malawi’s roads and tracks. The longest journey on the tour is around 4 hours long. Malawi has a good network of tarmac main roads. Leading from these are a multitude of dirt roads of varying quality and on occasion these roads will be taken to get to destinations. 
Malawi is one of the most stable countries in Africa. It has never been at war and the transition from British colonial rule to own rule and then multi-party democracy was achieved relatively peaceably. Chigoli has managed numerous tours across Malawi and without any serious incident. Chigoli has links into the diplomatic communities and the British Deputy High Commissioner is a Chigoli Ambassador. Malawians are very friendly people – they have fairly conservative traditions and values (similar to British Society in the 1950's) which mean there are a few do’s and don’ts. These will be explained to you prior to departing for Malawi.

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”
— Francis Bacon